We have been an approved vendor with True Value for six years.  We have been selected as True Value Vendor of the Year for the Rental/Party division in 2014, 2016 and 2017.  As an approved vendor, we provide a discounted rental price and 45 days dating to True Value member stores on Invoices that are processed through the True Value program portal.  We attend the more “rental” specific tradeshow held in February or March each year and have developed a training presentation for new True Value store or existing stores that attend the rental training opportunities at the True Value Training Center in Cary, IL.  These classes are held in January and August of each year.  We have presented at these training sessions for at least four years.  All True Value stores have to do to work with us is give us their store number and we can start renting to them immediately.  Our expertise in marketing and profitability as well as the ways in which we have simplify the ordering process through customer service and information tools has really resonated with this group.  The True Value stores that we work with either have no idea or desire to be involved in linens (until we explain the profitability and ease) or they already work with a local linen provider that they are not happy with or that does not offer the benefits/opportunities that we can.  Another type of member store owns their own linens and is looking to supplement their inventory with more colors or patterns.  The final member stores have or do own their own linens and are looking to get out of the storing and laundering of linens and turn it over to someone else.